Cat Lady Covets: Mewgaroo

Mewgaroo 1

So, the website that sells this isn’t in English, and I have no idea how much it costs or how to get one, but how cool is this sweatshirt?! Featuring a deep pocket with an easy to remove and clean liner, its only purpose is to snuggle with your cat. Well, and probably to keep you warm, but primarily to give your cat a little snuggly warm spot to nap close to your heart. I love the paw pad details and ears on the sweatshirt too, very cat-lady appropriate. Tux loves napping on me, so I could only hope he would be my little baby kangaroo snuggle buddy in this sweatshirt, it just might take some getting used to. Do you think your cat would cozy up to you in this?

Mewgaroo 2Mewgaroo 3

*It seems like their website is down right now, but the sweatshirt is made by the Japanese company Unihabitat.


2 thoughts on “Cat Lady Covets: Mewgaroo

  1. Kitty Cat Chronicles

    That is too cute! I think Sophie is probably the only one who would snuggle in that pocket. It sure would be cool to have!


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