Tux Tuesday: ZodiaCat App

ZodiaCat screenshots

When it comes to daily horoscopes, why should humans have all the fun? Us cats want to know what might be in the stars for us too! Which is why I was so excited to try out this brand new app from Itchy Brains called ZodiaCat that delivers daily horoscopes to your iPhone or iPad – the first app of its kind!

ZodiaCat thank youIt’s so simple, even your human can figure out how to sign you up. They just need to enter your name and birthday, and then choose a profile picture from a variety of adorable illustrated cats. When entering my birthday, mom realized I’m a Leo, which explains a lot (the spirit of a lion!).

The app is available starting June 6th in the Entertainment section of the app store, and has two versions to choose from. There’s a free “lite” version that will provide 10 days of horoscopes to enjoy. But if you want more, and want to help out animals in need (20% of proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Society), go for the full version at only 99 cents and experience unlimited horoscopes and special holiday and birthday messages.

Let’s see, my horoscope for today says I will be provoked by someone close, possibly using some form of string or toy (but I should play along because my human takes great pleasure in it). Well I take great pleasure in it too, so I can’t wait! Hopefully it’s my da bird toy!



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