Cat Lady Covets: Cat-Eye Kit

Cat-eye kit

Nicky Hilton for SmashboxI love a good cat-eye. It can be toned down for an everyday look (my go-to makeup choice) or really glammed up for a night out. For those that are new to the cat-eye, it can be especially helpful to have a ready-made kit that gives you everything you need to create the look. That’s the reason I love these new Nicky Hilton for Smashbox kits – they give you 3 basic kits to choose from:

London = Graphic (purple liner and eyeshadow for a fun, colorful look)
L.A. = Natural (brown, neutral palette)
New York = Classic (black liner and eyeshadow for a darker, smoky eye)

And did I mention it all comes in a so-cute-I-can’t-even-stand-it cat bag (that doubles as a clutch)? I mean, that’s reason enough to buy it if you ask me. But Smashbox itself is a really great line and the makeup is quality (always important in a successful cat-eye).


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