Feline Friends Friday: CatCon LA

CatCon LA art

You guys, it’s here…CatCon LA!! We are hugely bummed that we wont be in attendance this year due to schedule conflicts, but are hugely excited for the existence of this convention solely devoted to celebrating cats! As they state on the website, “It’s like Comic-Con…but for cat people!”

The convention takes place this weekend (June 6th and 7th; 9a.m. – 6p.m.) in Los Angeles at The Reef. Tickets are $25 for an adult day pass, and are available here. Besides all of the amazing vendors and exhibitors that will be there, many famous cats and cat people will be in attendance and speaking/greeting at the convention, including: Lil BUB, Pudge, Simon of Simon’s Cat, Shaun Sears and Tom Otto of Animal Planet’s “Treetop Cat Rescue,” Ben Huh (CEO of Cheezburger), and so many other famous internet cat and book sensations. See their full list of speakers here, and the vendor list here.

If you go, pretty please share pics, links to your blog post, etc so we can live vicariously through your experience! Who would you be most excited to see or meet? Have a purrfect weekend!


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