Tux Tuesday: Pull ‘n Play

Friskies Pull 'n Play

I was watching Animal Planet the other day, and a commercial came on for Friskies Pull ‘n Play cat treats and it instantly grabbed my attention. Wait, edible strings?!!

I’m the type of cat that If I see a string, I go jumping for it, I don’t discriminate. It could be attached to dad’s hoodie, the living room blinds, mom’s sweatpants, my da bird toy…anything goes. But as much as we might have tried to eat these strings (or the few of us that have and suffered through the dreaded poop string…you know who you are), they are not edible. So a string that we can play with AND actually eat sounds pretty incredible to me. Mom, are you listening?? Pretty pretty please can you find these for me, I swear I’ll stop knocking your perfume bottles off the dresser in the middle of the night if you do…

Have any of our cat friends tried these out yet? We can’t wait to get our paws on them!


2 thoughts on “Tux Tuesday: Pull ‘n Play

  1. pilch92

    Those look like fun 🙂 I will have to look for them for my kitties. I hope your Mom gets you some.


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