Cat Lady Covets: Cat Embossing Rolling Pin

Cat embossed rolling pin detail - Etsy

Do I have any followers that love to bake out there? How fun is this rolling pin?! I had never even heard of embossing rolling pins until a coworker brought this to my attention, but now I’m imagining all of the cute cookies I could make with this. The best part is that you don’t even have to be skilled at decorating cookies at all (no tedious icing here) – all you have to do is roll the pin over the dough and voila! Insanely cute and easy to make cookies.

Cat embossed rolling pin - Etsy

I loved this pin in particular because of the expressive eyes on the cats and cute thought bubbles filled with mice and hearts, but if you search “cat rolling pin” in Etsy you’d be surprised how many pop up! Ooh and I just read that you can use this pin on clay too – would be great for making little Christmas ornaments with kids, or little bowls/ring dishes lined with this pattern. So many options. Would you give this embossing rolling pin a try? Do you have any other ideas on how to use it?

Cat embossed rolling pin cookie detail - Etsy


9 thoughts on “Cat Lady Covets: Cat Embossing Rolling Pin

  1. peggyhoffner

    I hope it’s okay but I’m using Tux’s kitten picture as my screensaver on my phoneso I get to look at that cute face all day.

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