Feline Friends Friday: Cat-Themed Wedding Inspiration


Cat Lady here, taking over the Friday blog post while Tux is off at a day spa (meaning he’s washing his paws in the water dish). I stumbled upon this wedding while scrolling through Facebook and just had to share. Why oh why had I not thought of this when we were planning our wedding!? Though Tux hadn’t joined our family yet (he wasn’t even born at the time!), and my husband hadn’t yet been turned into a cat guy, I’ve still always been a cat lover. Hmm…maybe future party inspiration. But for now, scroll on down and enjoy this paw-some and cat-tacular wedding!


Featuring the wedding of Lauren and Brian, originally posted on Green Wedding Shoes.

Lauren: When we were planning our wedding, we really wanted to incorporate our two favorite things in the world, our cats. I think a lot of our friends heard “cat-themed wedding” and said, “Hmm. Sounds about right for you two!” We wanted to imbue our feline festivities with a vintage vibe, and we turned to postcards, children’s books, and porcelain figurines for inspiration. We even brought our two furry feline friends all the way to Ojai to join us!


To see their full wedding details and more pictures, click here.


3 thoughts on “Feline Friends Friday: Cat-Themed Wedding Inspiration

  1. pilch92

    I wish I was getting married again- to the same guy, but I would love a cat themed wedding. I actually never had a cat until I got married.


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