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Cat Lady Covets: Cat Trinket Dishes

cat chopstick rest plates 2

So technically these are called Chopstick Rest Plates in their online store, but I really think these charming ceramic cat dishes could be used for almost anything. They’re perfect for holding tiny treats, resting a spoon or tea bag, as a ring dish…even as a small dish for your cat’s moist food. There are two styles – Calico cat or Striped cat (shown below) and retail for $12 each. What would you use them for?

cat chopstick rest plates

Tux Tuesday: Cold Treat for Cats

set-of-2-sphere-ice-moldsWe have a heat wave fast-approaching us in SF, and since we don’t have air conditioning, mom has been searching for a fun way to keep me cool and hydrated (though us cats love warm weather, but I appreciate the sentiment). She saw this video over on Cute Overload of cats licking a giant ice cube (made by freezing a water balloon), and started thinking of how she could recreate the ice sphere for me on a smaller scale. Then she remembered dad has these sphere ice molds for his whiskey that will make 2.5″ balls – purrrrrfect!! She’s going to freeze some tonight and try it out, we’ll be sure to take pics and let you know how it goes! Do any of my other cat furriends like ice treats? What do you guys do to make them?

Daily Dose of Dapper: Lambie Snuggles

Tux and lambie

No matter how old you get, there’s always the one favorite stuffed animal you can never get rid of. I’ve had Lambie since my parents brought me home at 2 months old, and she’s still my top choice for nap time snuggles. She might be a little dirty now (okay, a LOT dirty), and the fur is all matted, but I love her and carry her around everywhere with me. Look how clean she used to be back in the day! Do you have a favorite stuffed animal or snuggle toy?

Tux Lambie 2Tux Lambie 3Tux Lambie 4


Cat Lady Covets: The Cat’s Meow Necklace

The cat's meow necklace

I’m a big fan of Kate Spade’s whimsical designs, as you can tell from my coverage on the blog (here and here). I even own a couple of Kate Spade accessories, my favorite being this necklace I bought for myself after I got married. I’ve worn that necklace to death, where the gold plating has finally started wearing away.

But HOW CUTE is this necklace?!! I’m in love with it, and think I need to add it to my collection. It’s dainty enough to wear daily (see below on model), and I love the play on words. It would also make a thoughtful gift for the cat lover in your life.

The cat's meow necklace full view

Daily Dose of Dapper: Hoarding (again)

Tux hoarding collection

They’ve done it again…they’ve uncovered my secret hiding spot for all of my precious treasures. Every time that roaring monster comes out (ed note: vacuum cleaner), dad moves the chairs off of the rug, and my secrets are uncovered. As you can see, I have quite the affinity for hair bands:
26 hair bands
1 juice ring
2 pens
2 hair clips
1 Q-tip
1 empty pill package
1 small tree branch
1 candy wrapper
1 face lotion sample tube

What are your favorite treasures to collect? Click here to see another one of my past chair collections that I’m quite proud of.

Tux Tuesday: Twinkle Tush

Twinkle Tush

Ok, have you guys heard of this ridiculous “accessory??” The Twinkle Tush? There is no way anyone is getting near my butt with that thing! Mom said it’s all a gag and people are not promoting actually buying this for your cat, but I’m not taking any chances. I mean, really…how is a cat supposed to go to the bathroom with that thing on? And I like to think I keep my backside nice and clean enough that I don’t need to cover it up with a ridiculous jewel! What do you think? Were you tricked by this hoax as well?

Daily Dose of Dapper: Fashion Assistant

Tux fashion assistant

So last week mom had a photo shoot (she picks out and styles the clothing for fashion shoots) and I helped her! Well, I sat on a stack of clothes and watched her organize things. But I don’t think she was too happy when she saw my new “resting spot” on top of the garment bags. But it just looked so comfy and I wanted to be involved! Everything was solved though by her locking away the clothes in another room and rewarding me with treats for all my hard work.

Tux fasion assistant 2

Cat Lady Covets: Kitten Heels

Logan heels - Kate Spade

These shoes give new meaning to the name “kitten heels”….because they literally have kittens on the heels! And it’s a black cat to boot (we are obviously partial to them). Kate Spade always does cheeky accessories in a very classy way, and we’re excited they’ve decided to venture into the feline kingdom with their new line. What do you think, would you wear them?

Daily Dose of Dapper: Perspective

IMG_5834I’m trying a different point of view today…I’m going to look at everything from upside down! Getting a new perspective on life, ya know? For example, I never realized how interesting the ceiling could be! I found a bug up there, as well as spots of light that move across it as cars go by the window. I also find it quite comfortable and relaxing…in fact, maybe it’s time for a nap. This new perspective can be exhausting!