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Feline Friends Friday: KitTea SF is open!

KitTea SF

The day is finally here…our local cat cafe KitTea is finally open, and yours truly has reservations to visit this weekend! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. I had participated in the crowd funding for the cafe last March, and have been patiently (well, maybe impatiently) waiting since then for it to open. Stay tuned, because there will of course be a blog post about our experience coming soon.

KitTea info

Feline Friends Friday: Cat-Themed Wedding Inspiration


Cat Lady here, taking over the Friday blog post while Tux is off at a day spa (meaning he’s washing his paws in the water dish). I stumbled upon this wedding while scrolling through Facebook and just had to share. Why oh why had I not thought of this when we were planning our wedding!? Though Tux hadn’t joined our family yet (he wasn’t even born at the time!), and my husband hadn’t yet been turned into a cat guy, I’ve still always been a cat lover. Hmm…maybe future party inspiration. But for now, scroll on down and enjoy this paw-some and cat-tacular wedding!


Featuring the wedding of Lauren and Brian, originally posted on Green Wedding Shoes.

Lauren: When we were planning our wedding, we really wanted to incorporate our two favorite things in the world, our cats. I think a lot of our friends heard “cat-themed wedding” and said, “Hmm. Sounds about right for you two!” We wanted to imbue our feline festivities with a vintage vibe, and we turned to postcards, children’s books, and porcelain figurines for inspiration. We even brought our two furry feline friends all the way to Ojai to join us!


To see their full wedding details and more pictures, click here.

Feline Friends Friday: FattyChatty


Today we have a feline friend to feature: FattyChatty, another tuxedo cat! He is also a rescue cat, and is a pure blast of fun and love.

He got the name FattyChatty because he likes to chat non-stop and share his opinions on life to all who will listen (we’re not sure about the “Fatty” part of the name, but we would never want to embarrass him by asking). FattyChatty is an indoor cat, but likes to occasionally explore the great outdoors and check on his crop of catnip growing in the garden. He also climbs trees to feel like a big killer cat and get a good view of his domain.

A few times a week, FattyChatty travels to the office, where he supervises the staff (such a cat of many talents!). But mostly, he is an affectionate, intelligent, loving, comedic bundle of joy and companion for his humans.

Catnipping it...mine, all mine!

Catnipping it…mine, all mine!

I changed my mind, not going for a swim today after all.

I changed my mind, not going for a swim today after all.

Just another day checking out my territory.

Just another day checking out my territory.

*If you would like to be featured on our blog, please email us some photos and a short bio at tuxthedappergent (at) gmail (dot) com. We love meeting new feline friends!

Feline Friends Friday: CatCon LA

CatCon LA art

You guys, it’s here…CatCon LA!! We are hugely bummed that we wont be in attendance this year due to schedule conflicts, but are hugely excited for the existence of this convention solely devoted to celebrating cats! As they state on the website, “It’s like Comic-Con…but for cat people!”

The convention takes place this weekend (June 6th and 7th; 9a.m. – 6p.m.) in Los Angeles at The Reef. Tickets are $25 for an adult day pass, and are available here. Besides all of the amazing vendors and exhibitors that will be there, many famous cats and cat people will be in attendance and speaking/greeting at the convention, including: Lil BUB, Pudge, Simon of Simon’s Cat, Shaun Sears and Tom Otto of Animal Planet’s “Treetop Cat Rescue,” Ben Huh (CEO of Cheezburger), and so many other famous internet cat and book sensations. See their full list of speakers here, and the vendor list here.

If you go, pretty please share pics, links to your blog post, etc so we can live vicariously through your experience! Who would you be most excited to see or meet? Have a purrfect weekend!

Feline Friends Friday: Cardboard Box Maze

Cardboard box maze

I think it’s obvious how much us cats love our cardboard boxes. But one cat parent took it to the ultimate level and made their cats a cardboard box maze. What a great idea!! Hello, parents, are you listening?! Check out the video below to see the cats bouncing from box to box and enjoying the maze.

*Look at the adorable kitten in the far left box at 1:20 – we’re not sure if it’s begging for treats, clapping, praying, dancing, etc, but it’s pretty cute.

Feline Friends Friday: This is Not My Cat!

Not my cat 1

We all know that cats can be total ninjas. One second they’re sitting on your lap purring away, the next second they’re in the kitchen knocking something off the counter. But what’s more shocking is to walk into a ninja cat in your house that isn’t even your cat! Here are some hilarious photos people have submitted of “not their cats.”

Not my cat 2

Not my cat 3

Not my cat 4

Not my cat 5

Not my cat 6

Not my cat 7

To see more pics and the original post, click here.

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Logic

Another hilarious video from our friends Cole and Marmalade – does any of this look familiar to you all? Most of the “cat logic” shown is an everyday occurrence for us 😉

Feline Friends Friday: Snacky Mouse Rumble

Snacky Mouse Rumble

In our household, some are better at computer and video games than others. As in, dad is a pro gamer, I’m pretty good at my iPad cat games, and mom is pretty horrible. Sorry mom, it’s the truth (except for Mario Kart, she’s pretty good at that). So when she saw this fun cat-themed game on Buzzfeed that only required the skills of pressing the arrow keys left or right, so figured she’d give it a go.

Snacky Mouse Rumble instructions

The gist of the game is to try to punch the yummy foods and dodge the bombs, and that’s all you need to know! Even though it seems easy, mom hasn’t scored more than 1380, so she’s not sure if there are other levels or if it gets harder. But it’s a fun way to spend a couple of minutes if you need a game break. Let us know your high scores if you try it out!

Snacky Mouse Rumble cat punching

Feline Friends Friday: Tux’s Cover Debut

Tux's Lucky magazine cover

So when we saw Grumpy Cat on the cover of Lucky magazine on Wednesday, Tux immediately asked why he wasn’t on the cover too. So we decided to try it out for him and see how it looked. What do you think, could Tux be a cover model? He certainly thinks so 😉 Happy holiday weekend everyone!

Feline Friends Friday: How Cats Say “I Love You”

Cats have many ways of expressing their love, and this adorable video by Cole and Marmalade outlines them for us. Aww, Tux does all of these, he must love his mom and dad! Though sometimes we think the “love bites” are a little too “loving.” Did you know all of these cat displays of affection?

For more videos by Cole and Marmalade, click here!