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Tux Tuesday: Testing the Water

Ice mold

Tuna broth flavored ice water, to be exact. Do you remember the post I did a couple of weeks ago with the video of those little kitties licking the ice ball (click here for a reminder)? Well, we had another heat wave come through San Francisco this past weekend and decided to try it out! Mom froze some of my favorite broth treat (for flavor) with some water in these cool circular ice molds. She let it sit overnight in the freezer, and then next day popped it out into a little bowl to catch the water while it melted. Well…it was a nice thought, but just didn’t interest me. I wandered over, sniffed it and batted at it a couple of times, gave it a couple of licks, and then lost interest. She left it out for an hour to see if I wandered back over, but I just wasn’t into it. Maybe it needed more flavoring? Maybe I would have been more interested if it was in a different bowl? Who knows, but it was a valiant effort on moms part. Has anyone else tried this?

Tux tasting the broth

Tux Tuesday: Cold Treat for Cats

set-of-2-sphere-ice-moldsWe have a heat wave fast-approaching us in SF, and since we don’t have air conditioning, mom has been searching for a fun way to keep me cool and hydrated (though us cats love warm weather, but I appreciate the sentiment). She saw this video over on Cute Overload of cats licking a giant ice cube (made by freezing a water balloon), and started thinking of how she could recreate the ice sphere for me on a smaller scale. Then she remembered dad has these sphere ice molds for his whiskey that will make 2.5″ balls – purrrrrfect!! She’s going to freeze some tonight and try it out, we’ll be sure to take pics and let you know how it goes! Do any of my other cat furriends like ice treats? What do you guys do to make them?

Tux Tuesday: Twinkle Tush

Twinkle Tush

Ok, have you guys heard of this ridiculous “accessory??” The Twinkle Tush? There is no way anyone is getting near my butt with that thing! Mom said it’s all a gag and people are not promoting actually buying this for your cat, but I’m not taking any chances. I mean, really…how is a cat supposed to go to the bathroom with that thing on? And I like to think I keep my backside nice and clean enough that I don’t need to cover it up with a ridiculous jewel! What do you think? Were you tricked by this hoax as well?

Tux Tuesday: Pull ‘n Play

Friskies Pull 'n Play

I was watching Animal Planet the other day, and a commercial came on for Friskies Pull ‘n Play cat treats and it instantly grabbed my attention. Wait, edible strings?!!

I’m the type of cat that If I see a string, I go jumping for it, I don’t discriminate. It could be attached to dad’s hoodie, the living room blinds, mom’s sweatpants, my da bird toy…anything goes. But as much as we might have tried to eat these strings (or the few of us that have and suffered through the dreaded poop string…you know who you are), they are not edible. So a string that we can play with AND actually eat sounds pretty incredible to me. Mom, are you listening?? Pretty pretty please can you find these for me, I swear I’ll stop knocking your perfume bottles off the dresser in the middle of the night if you do…

Have any of our cat friends tried these out yet? We can’t wait to get our paws on them!

Tux Tuesday: ZodiaCat App

ZodiaCat screenshots

When it comes to daily horoscopes, why should humans have all the fun? Us cats want to know what might be in the stars for us too! Which is why I was so excited to try out this brand new app from Itchy Brains called ZodiaCat that delivers daily horoscopes to your iPhone or iPad – the first app of its kind!

ZodiaCat thank youIt’s so simple, even your human can figure out how to sign you up. They just need to enter your name and birthday, and then choose a profile picture from a variety of adorable illustrated cats. When entering my birthday, mom realized I’m a Leo, which explains a lot (the spirit of a lion!).

The app is available starting June 6th in the Entertainment section of the app store, and has two versions to choose from. There’s a free “lite” version that will provide 10 days of horoscopes to enjoy. But if you want more, and want to help out animals in need (20% of proceeds go to Best Friends Animal Society), go for the full version at only 99 cents and experience unlimited horoscopes and special holiday and birthday messages.

Let’s see, my horoscope for today says I will be provoked by someone close, possibly using some form of string or toy (but I should play along because my human takes great pleasure in it). Well I take great pleasure in it too, so I can’t wait! Hopefully it’s my da bird toy!


Tux Tuesday: Star Wars at Petco

Star Wars at Petco

All this talk about Star Wars yesterday made me wonder if Petco had any new Star Wars themed toys since my last purchases (Yoda ears and Chewbacca/Yoda mice). Well, they definitely do and will probably produce even more with all of the hype around the next movie.

I’ve somehow lost my Yoda mouse and think this little Yoda plush toy would be a great replacement. And how cute are the Han Solo and Leia mice? But don’t even get me started on the Princess Leia buns hat, mom better not get any ideas! They have tons more than what I’m showing here if you’re a fan. What’s your favorite piece from their Star Wars collection?

Tux Tuesday: New Goodies


We were so excited when we won 15 and Meowing‘s contest for the new book Eight Hundred Grapes, and were even more excited when we received our prizes in the mail over the weekend! Mom has been looking for a new book to read, and our close proximity to Wine Country makes this a fun read because it’s about a woman who had grown up on her family’s vineyard in Sonoma. And Ellen was so sweet to include some handmade catnip toys for me!! I love them so much and can’t stop hugging them and rolling around with them and batting them around the house. Thank you so much 15 and Meowing!!

Tux sniffing the toysTux hugging the eggTux looking at the fishTux rolling around with the fish

Tux Tuesday: Wet Food Woes

Sad Tux

I need help my friends…I have decided I hate all of the wet food that my parents have bought for me. They’ve tried many different kinds, and I’ll eat one can (maybe, or just lick up the gravy from the food), and then decide I don’t like it anymore. I tend to prefer chunky bits of meat as opposed to “mush,” and usually like chicken (or kangaroo!) more than fish. Does anyone have suggestions for me on their favorite pet food brands and flavors? Mom and dad are getting desperate! As you know, male cats especially need lots of water in their diet, and wet food helps with that. So even if they can get me to eat wet food a couple of times a week in addition to dry food they think it will help my overall health. See how sad I look? I just want some yummy wet food that’s healthy and tasty!

Tux Tuesday: Itch Relief

My product pick today isn’t your typical cat toy or item – in fact, I think it might be for humans. But I don’t really care because it’s pretty amazing. It gives very nice chin scratches and is also fun to bat at. Even better, mom says they are super cheap and easy to find around Chinatown or at a dollar store. Chin scratches for everyone!

St. Patty’s Day Pet Adoptions

SF SPCA St. Patty's Day adoptions

Have you been thinking about adding a fur child to your family? Instead of going out for a green beer tonight, head on over to the San Francisco SPCA and adopt a new friend! This week, from March 14th thru March 20th, the SF SPCA is waiving all adoption fees for adult cats and dogs (6+ months in age). Our own Tux the Dapper Gent is from that shelter!

Don’t live in the area? Check your local shelters to see if they’re running any sort of St. Patty’s Day special. Even if not, can you think of a better pot of gold at the end of the rainbow than a loving companion for life?

Tux shamrocks

Here’s Tux the day we adopted him (only 2 months old!). One of the luckiest moments of our life was finding this little gent!