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Daily Dose of Dapper: Bath Time

Tux not pleased by being wet

Unlike most cats, I actually don’t mind baths that much. I mean, I give myself at least 4 baths a day. And on the occasion that my paws are looking a little dirty and mom decides to give me a “real” bath, I don’t even really mind that too much. The part I hate is being wet for hours afterwards. I slink around the house embarrassed by the wet hair clinging to my body, making me appear like a drowned rat, and feverishly try to dry it by licking the water off as fast as possible. I can’t believe mom took a pic of me all spiky and wet, so embarrassing.

Tux wet

Feline Friends Friday: Wet Cats

Wet Cat

It’s raining in SF today, and while we should be happy because California is in a drought right now, this is more like how we feel. Commuting in the rain is the pits. But to cheer ourselves up, we are looking at pictures of wet cats that look much more miserable than us. Hey, at least it’s Friday! Check out 21 more hilarious pics here.