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Daily Dose of Dapper: Lambie Snuggles

Tux and lambie

No matter how old you get, there’s always the one favorite stuffed animal you can never get rid of. I’ve had Lambie since my parents brought me home at 2 months old, and she’s still my top choice for nap time snuggles. She might be a little dirty now (okay, a LOT dirty), and the fur is all matted, but I love her and carry her around everywhere with me. Look how clean she used to be back in the day! Do you have a favorite stuffed animal or snuggle toy?

Tux Lambie 2Tux Lambie 3Tux Lambie 4


Daily Dose of Dapper: Cat Burglar, Caught!

Tux in the bag 1

One of my favorite things to do is to chase mom’s hairbands around the house. I tend to lose them under furniture, so I’m always on the hunt for more. I figured out that she keeps them in this clear bag with all of her daily skin care supplies, so when she’s getting ready in the morning I go digging. However, she caught me this time, and I guess she found it funny how my fur and whiskers get all squished up against the plastic. But I still managed to get the hairband out to play with, so jokes on her!

Tux in the bag 2

Tux Tuesday: New Toy!

Tux and his track toy

OMG you guys, so you know how I was wishing for a track toy for Christmas last month? Well grandma got me one and I love it soooo much! In this pic I’m blurry because of how fast I move when pouncing on the ball inside the track. I love sticking my paws in to find it, and will occasionally switch it up by scratching on the top while I’m preparing to pounce. Mom and dad like it because it keeps me company while they’re at work or eating and don’t want to be disturbed by playtime (but who doesn’t want to play all the time?!). I highly suggest it to any of my kitty friends!

Check out some video mom took of me playing with my new toy!

Tux Tuesday: Fetch for Cats

Springy hair bands - H&M

Playing fetch isn’t just for the dogs! In fact, I know quite a few cats that list it as one of their favorite playtime activities (myself included). My item of choice to fetch is hairbands, but when mom and dad suspected me of eating one I’m only allowed to play with them while well supervised.

However, when mom was online shopping at one of her favorite stores she spotted a pack of hairbands (on sale for only $1) that seemed more cat friendly. They are bright and colorful (much easier for me to see against our hardwood floors unlike her brown hairbands) and springy – so fun to chase around! Do you have any recommendations for great cat toys to play fetch with? Or just to chase around?

Tux Tuesday: Window Bird Feeder

window bird feeder

After spending the weekend bird-watching at my grandparents house, I’m really missing all of the nature I’m exposed to when outside of the city. Being a SF city cat, my usual window views consist of concrete and cable cars. But I heard of these bird feeders that you can easily suction to a window and watch the birds that land there and feed. How cool is that? Then maybe I could attract some of the city birds to my window to watch and play with during the day. And this particular feeder has two tube towers that you can fill with different types of seeds to attract a variety of birds, and a one-way mirror on the feeder keeps lurking cats like myself hidden from the birds. Pretty please mom can we get one?

empty bird feeder

Tux Tuesday: Brady Bird

Tux and Brady Bird

Brady BirdGrandma got me this cool toy and I’m obsessed with attacking it. It’s this crazy bird puppet called “Brady Bird” that hides in it’s nest and then jumps out and tries to scare me. I just really like biting it’s feathers and crinkly streamer head. I also like wrapping my paws around Brady so I can get a really good position to attack the streamers and kick at the nest with my back paws. As you can see from the picture at the right, Brady has already taken quite a few attacks from me.

Tux and BB 2Tux and BB 3Tux and BB 4

Tux Tuesday: Da Bird

Da Bird cat toy

For my first “Tux Tuesday” post, I just HAD to share my love for Da Bird. This thing is amazing! It looks and sounds like a real bird flying by (well, I’m a city cat, so I don’t get out much in nature). And it seems to be the only toy that wears me out to the point of panting. Didn’t know cats did that, did you? That’s because you haven’t found a cool enough toy yet for your cat!

Tux playing with Da Bird

Pouncing, attacking, and running away in a blur with my catch

I got a little too aggressive with my first Da Bird and tore out all of the feathers, but luckily daddy bought me a new one for my birthday yay! Even though there’s only a little stub of feathers left on my first one, I still love it and I drag it onto my parents bed in the middle of the night so they can play with me as soon as they wake up!

Before vs. after

Before vs. after

*Cat owner pro tip: Cat’s will destroy the feathers in a single play session if left to their own devices. To maintain the feathers for a longer period of time, it’s best to keep this toy out of reach, and use mainly for joint owner-kitty play sessions. However, the company wisely sells replacement feather refills in case your kitty is a little too aggressive.