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Daily Dose of Dapper: Sous Chef

Tux cooking

I’m a little shadow – wherever mom and dad go in the house, I have to follow them around. So naturally, when they’re cooking dinner I’m right there beside them (usually on the counter). Yesterday I was helping them by watching over the tomatoes and making sure they didn’t roll away – a very important job in the kitchen. I don’t know what they’d do without my help!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Fashion Assistant

Tux fashion assistant

So last week mom had a photo shoot (she picks out and styles the clothing for fashion shoots) and I helped her! Well, I sat on a stack of clothes and watched her organize things. But I don’t think she was too happy when she saw my new “resting spot” on top of the garment bags. But it just looked so comfy and I wanted to be involved! Everything was solved though by her locking away the clothes in another room and rewarding me with treats for all my hard work.

Tux fasion assistant 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Monday Melancholy

Tux tongue out

Phooey! That’s what I have to say about Monday. I hate when my parents have to leave me to go to work during the day (I miss the endless snuggles and treats of the weekend). Though at least this week is a short week because of the holiday!

Tux tongue out 2Tux tongue out 3

Daily Dose of Dapper: Working from Home

Tux and laptop

As you might have noticed from past posts, when mom works from home I stand by on close watch, making sure she gets all of her work done. Usually I park myself on her legs (which are stretched out on the ottoman) and occasionally peek around the corner of the computer. But every once and awhile I will snuggle up in nearby blankets and sit beside her and watch her work…well, that’s actually getting pretty boring pretty quickly, I think I will nap instead. I’m sure she’ll get everything done.

Tux sleeping on the job

Daily Dose of Dapper: Ninja Bed Bug

Ninja Tux

I’ll let you in on a little secret: when mom won’t get up to play with me (and knocking everything off her dresser doesn’t get her up), I have to resort to desperate measures. That’s when my ninja skills come in handy. I pull up the covers on dad’s side of the bed, and ninja my way through them until I get over to her side, where I can start hitting her feet with my paws and biting her toes through the covers. And guess what? It works every time. Shortly after I start ninja-ing her, she wakes up and gets out of bed. She’s often grumpy, but she’s up.

Ninja Tux 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Lion Mane

Tux lion fluff

After all of that horoscope talk yesterday, it got me thinking about my sign. Being that I’m a Leo, it’s only appropriate that I have some of the characteristics of a lion. I’m most proud of my luxurious white chest mane, it’s become quite fluffy lately. I think it stays looking fabulous due to my impeccable grooming.

Tux paws

And here’s a mane close-up and some gratuitous paw cuteness.

Daily Dose of Dapper: New Friend

Making friends

Yesterday one of mom and dad’s friends from Florida stopped by to visit and meet the dapper gent himself, Tux (that’s me!). He has always been a big fan of the blog and was excited to meet me, so I tried to be on my best behavior and kept the biting to a minimum. I tend to be squirmy when new people pick me up and hold me, but Craig was very nice and we posed for a couple of pics together. At first we were both a little wary, but you can see how I warmed up at the end for a little nose bump kiss. I hope he comes back to visit, he was very nice!

Friend kisses

Daily Dose of Dapper: Purrito

Tux burrito 1

Grandma came to visit this weekend, and I snuggled in her couch-bed sheets, making myself into a kitty burrito! I got so wrapped up in the sheets at one point that mom was looking for me and didn’t even know I was in there until I started moving a bit – I’m so sneaky!

Tux burrito 2Tux burrito 2

Post-purrito siesta!

Post-purrito siesta!


Daily Dose of Dapper: Pedicure Time

Tux licking toes

As a dapper gent, I like to keep up good grooming habits. That includes nails and feet, which most guys seem to forget about (or think it’s too “girly”). Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a great pedicure. I start by grabbing one of my feet, then licking and cleaning between my toes. After that I bite my toenails a bit to get rid of any hangnails or scraggly ends, and finish with a relaxing full-leg cleaning. It’s pretty amazing.

Tux biting nails