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Be My Kitty Valentine

Cat's on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our human and kitty friends! How true is this hilarious comic by Scott Metzger?! We hope everyone has a lovely weekend celebrating with their loved ones ❤

Feline Friends Friday: Dita the Cat and Catsu

Catsu the Cat - Snuggle positions

We love our cat comics here at Tux the Dapper Gent, and just found another great one to follow. Meet Catsu the Cat, inspired by real-life cat Dita. The team behind Catsu, Daria (the artist) and D. (the editor and motivator) are also designers and photographers and it shows through their clean and fun site. We are currently in the summer season of the comic right now in SF, and I can’t wait for Autumn kitty snuggles. It’s too hot for all of us right now to think about snuggles.

Dita the Cat instagram

Almost as great as the comics is Daria’s Instagram account (@deeeedl), filled with gorgeous pics of Dita as well as artistic shots of food, fashion, and pages from her sketchbook. Here are some of our favs from her Instagram.

Dita the Cat 2Dita the Cat 3