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Feline Friends Friday: How to Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and food prep begins, we wanted to leave you with some pre-Thanksgiving tips from Pusheen to ensure you are making the most of your holiday celebrations. And Tux says to remember to be thankful for your feline companions and throw them some small bits of turkey to give thanks!

Pusheen Thanksgiving

Feline Friends Friday: Cat Mysteries

Cat Mysteries

There are a lot of adorable cat comics and illustrators out there, and I especially love Cat vs. Human by illustrator Jasmine. Here is one of my favorites…the mysteries of cats that we might never solve, but who really cares. By the way, Tux does every single one of these daily 😉 Well, except for pizza, we don’t eat pizza everyday, but you know what I mean.

Feline Friends Friday: Places That Cats Belong

Places that cats belong

Another Feline Friday with one of our favorites, Pusheen. Why does this say no to all of these places though?? I happen to love them all (see my sink post from Wednesday). But the last one is definitely true, a cat belongs most of all, in your heart ❤