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Daily Dose of Dapper: Lazy Day

Tux sleeping

Hey friends! It’s hump day which means I’m going to lay here on my favorite spot on the couch and sleep all day…what are you up to?

Daily Dose of Dapper: Whisker Wednesday

Tux whiskers

You’ve probably heard of hump day, but did you know that today is also called “Whisker Wednesday” in the pet world? In celebration I decided to share some photos that showcase my luscious whiskers. I’ve been complimented and told they’re very long, but I think it’s probably just because you can see them so well against my black fur. Either way, I’ll take the compliment. Happy Wednesday/Hump Day/Whisker Wednesday!

*Mom thinks I look like a lemur with my bright yellow eyes in the first pic – really mom?!! I now have the new nickname of “little lemur.” I refuse to answer to it.

Tux whiskers 2