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Cat Lady Covets: Cat Wall Art

Cat prints 1

I have a couple of lonely walls in my apartment. You know the type – the bathroom, a hallway nook, the oddly shaped kitchen cranny – just begging for a small piece of art to decorate it. They are oft forgotten in favor of the massive ┬áliving room wall that always stands tall, boasting it’s larger-than-life art piece hanging above the couch. But yet, these tiny places are still important and we must not forget them.

Enter Etsy – a marketplace full of handmade treasures and one-of-a-kind art prints just looking for the right owner. And, as I found, the Mecca for cat lovers that also happen to love art.
Now, I’m not recommending going cat crazy (remember, no granny-eek!), but I found quite a few tasteful, modern, chic, and most importantly affordable, cat prints for sale. And can you believe that are all under $25?! Perfect for that little nook you’ve been waiting to fill.

Cat Prints 2

Top set of prints (left to right)
1. I Slow Blink You So Much 8″x10″ print, $21 (3 size options) by PopDoggie
2. All You Need Is Love & A Cat 8″x10″ print, $18 (9 text color options) by HelloLittleFox
3. Minimalist Cat 8.5″x11″ print, $21 by evesand

Bottom set of prints (left to right)
4. Black Cat Abstract Modern Cat 8″x10″ print, $20 by OzscapeDesigns
5. Fort Point Archival Map 9″x12″ print, $24 by rachelaustin
6. Curious Peeking Kitty 8″x10.5″ print on vintage book, $9 by WhiskerPrints