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Daily Dose of Dapper: Pawparazzi

Tux paparazzi

No pictures please! Can’t a guy nap in peace? I know, I know, my fans want pictures. Ok, if I pose for one will you leave me alone? Sheesh, it’s tough being such a dapper gent.

Tux faceTux face 2

Feline Friends Friday: Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Cat Purring Healing Power

A cat purring away on my lap is the ultimate relaxation. So much so, that I usually end up falling asleep along with my little fur baby. But who knew it actually has healing benefits as well?

The Friends of the Palo Alto Animal Shelter have come up with this adorable and informative illustration showing all of the medical benefits of cat purrs. Not that I need another excuse to cuddle with my little man, but if purrs heal, I’m encouraging as much happy cat purring as possible!

Cat Lady Covets: Cat Nail Stickers

Cat nail stickers

You can wear your heart on your sleeve, but what about your cat on your nails?! I love some fun nail art, and when I saw these cat nail stickers I immediately fell in lust with them. They’re great for adding a little pizazz to the “bling finger” or you can go crazy and fully decorate all 10 nails. I personally love the little green cat with the crown – what a regal gent!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Lean On Me

Tux lean

What are you looking at? This is a perfectly comfortable resting position, I don’t know why you’re questioning me. My paws are nicely wedged in here, pulling me over this leg hump so I don’t fall off.

Tux lean 2

Well, maybe it’s a little awkward…

Tux lean 3

If I just pull that one paw out…ah, much better

Tux sleep lean

Ok, time for sleep now. And yes, I’m dapper even when I sleep.

Daily Dose of Dapper: Head First

Tux stuck in boot

Meooooowrgrhrmph! Ugh. I seem to be a bit stuck here. I just wanted to see what was inside this boot, but apparently all that is inside of it is my head! I hear them laughing…haha very funny, now stop standing around and help a gent out here please!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Kitty Kisses

Tux kisses

When I was a little kitten I used to give mom kisses all of the time. She loved it and it usually guaranteed me extra treats. But now that I’m a big boy, I think I might be getting too old for kisses and other kitten behaviors. But occasionally, like when she gets back from a weekend trip and I’ve missed her oh-so-much, a couple of kisses are in order to show her just how much I love her.

Feline Friends Friday: 100 Important Cat Photos

Angry kitten

Sometimes it’s hard to choose just one cat to feature, so today we’re featuring lots of cats – 100 to be exact! We found this list on Buzzfeed and just had to share – though we really think that a picture of Tux should have been featured on it 😉 Here are some of our favorites below, and for the full list click here.

Kitty vacuumKitty friendsKitty feather dusterAdorable kittenLady kittenStanding catSquished catDancing catFlying catCat with buns

Cat Lady Covets: Kitty Crafts

Cat Love stamps

I first stumbled upon local gem Yellow Owl Workshop while browsing through Picnic, my favorite boutique in the city. Half of the boutique is made up of housewares (many of them San Francisco or California themed), and while walking around I found the most adorable Golden Gate Bridge stamp set (which I later ended up using on some of my wedding paper goods).

Cat Love tote stencil set

Just recently I was browsing the Yellow Owl Workshop website in search of SF-themed goods for a style page I’m working on (I work at a magazine by the way), and saw that they have cat-themed items!! Which are of course adorable and I of course had to share with our readers. They have a “Cat Love” stamp set that includes a kitty stamp and a heart stamp, and also have some really fun tote bag and tea towel stencil sets featuring cats which would be great for a craft day with little ones (or just big kids at heart). And for the accessory lover, they also have 22k gold dipped pendants packaged in a cute little vial (we of course love the cat pendant).

Cat Love pendant and tea towel stencil set

Daily Dose of Dapper: Bed Bug

Tux bed

Though my parents classify me as a tree dweller, I also love to burrow under things, especially blankets. One of my favorite times to do this is when my mom is getting ready for work and does her makeup on the bed. It’s the perfect time to catch her attention and try to attack her from under the covers. She screams in delight (or maybe, terror) when I stick a paw out and tap her unsuspectingly. I also like to just sit under the covers. It’s comfortable and warm and my own secret little hiding spot.

Tux covers 2

Okay, I don’t think she’s looking, I’m just going to start creeping under these blankets…

I'm so stealthy

I’m so stealthy!

She'll never find me under here - I'm practically invisible!

She’ll never find me under here – I’m practically invisible!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Welcome Home

Tux on jacket

Yay, mom and dad are back! I was so excited when they walked in the door last night – I ran up meowing and immediately flopped over for belly rubs. I couldn’t contain my excitement and ran around and around the house for the next hour, up and down my tree and pulling different toys out to play with. This morning I continued the celebration with an extended kneading/cuddle session with mommy, followed by rolling around in all of her clothes.

Note from Cat Lady: My friend was over the other day and I commented how great Tux always smells and like a weirdo made her smell him. She looked at me and said, “yeah, he smells like you.” Then I saw him rolling around in my clothes and jacket this morning and realized that’s probably why he smells like me. No wonder I think he smells so good haha.