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Daily Dose of Dapper: Tongue’s Out Tuesday!

Tongue Tuesday

To follow-up yesterday’s tongue post, here’s another one for you! And appropriately appearing on #TacoTongueTuesday, which is a popular hashtag in the cat social media world (we have yet to figure out what it means, but we’ll hop on that bandwagon). Maybe we can start a new one…how about #TuxieTongueTuesday?! For all the tuxedo cats out there? Or better yet, I’m calling today #TuxTongueTuesday!

Daily Dose of Dapper: Monday Melancholy

Tux tongue out

Phooey! That’s what I have to say about Monday. I hate when my parents have to leave me to go to work during the day (I miss the endless snuggles and treats of the weekend). Though at least this week is a short week because of the holiday!

Tux tongue out 2Tux tongue out 3

Feline Friends Friday: KitTea SF is open!

KitTea SF

The day is finally here…our local cat cafe KitTea is finally open, and yours truly has reservations to visit this weekend! Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling. I had participated in the crowd funding for the cafe last March, and have been patiently (well, maybe impatiently) waiting since then for it to open. Stay tuned, because there will of course be a blog post about our experience coming soon.

KitTea info

Cat Lady Covets: Zodiac Cat Pins

zodiac cats

zodiac3_1024x1024 copyWe recently broached the topic of horoscopes for cats with coverage of the new app ZodiaCat, but what about cats as the actual signs of the zodiac?

One of our fav cat illustrators, Catsu, has drawn and created enamel pins with cats representing each sign of the zodiac. I’m a Libra, and love the representation of food bowls as the scales – all of the signs are so cleverly drawn!. These would make a great birthday present for a horoscope and cat lover – gift them with their appropriate birthday month cat! All pins are available here, as well as lots of other fun cat art and products!

Daily Dose of Dapper: X Marks the Spot

Tux crossed

…the spot where I shall lay my head and go to sleep. Mom doesn’t understand how this could possibly be comfortable, but I just like to get a good yoga stretch in while I sleep – two birds with one stone. Ooh birds, maybe I should go watch them instead of sleeping. Nah, sleepy town here I come! zzzzz

Tux crossed 2

Daily Dose of Dapper: Chairman (part 2)

Tux in chair 1

Some more chair pictures to share from over the weekend! This chair in particular is my favorite spot to sleep in because it faces the window so I can watch the birds fly by as I lounge (and soak up the sun). But best of all it’s super cozy and away from the main living area of the house, so I can get some peaceful napping in.

Tux in chair 2Tux in chair 3Tux in chair 4

Daily Dose of Dapper: Chairman

Tux in chair

This weekend was spent in wine country at Grandma and Grandpa’s house to celebrate Father’s Day and my other Grandma’s birthday (I love seeing ALL my family in one place!). I’m always so relaxed at their house, and enjoyed lounging around in various chairs and spots of sunlight. Sometimes I tried to join them in the breakfast nook for meals, as seen here. Where’s my food?

Tux in chair 2

Hmm, no food for me? Guess I’ll just have to chew on this chair nom nom nom.

Tux eating chair

Feline Friends Friday: Cat-Themed Wedding Inspiration


Cat Lady here, taking over the Friday blog post while Tux is off at a day spa (meaning he’s washing his paws in the water dish). I stumbled upon this wedding while scrolling through Facebook and just had to share. Why oh why had I not thought of this when we were planning our wedding!? Though Tux hadn’t joined our family yet (he wasn’t even born at the time!), and my husband hadn’t yet been turned into a cat guy, I’ve still always been a cat lover. Hmm…maybe future party inspiration. But for now, scroll on down and enjoy this paw-some and cat-tacular wedding!


Featuring the wedding of Lauren and Brian, originally posted on Green Wedding Shoes.

Lauren: When we were planning our wedding, we really wanted to incorporate our two favorite things in the world, our cats. I think a lot of our friends heard “cat-themed wedding” and said, “Hmm. Sounds about right for you two!” We wanted to imbue our feline festivities with a vintage vibe, and we turned to postcards, children’s books, and porcelain figurines for inspiration. We even brought our two furry feline friends all the way to Ojai to join us!


To see their full wedding details and more pictures, click here.

Cat Lady Covets: Cat Embossing Rolling Pin

Cat embossed rolling pin detail - Etsy

Do I have any followers that love to bake out there? How fun is this rolling pin?! I had never even heard of embossing rolling pins until a coworker brought this to my attention, but now I’m imagining all of the cute cookies I could make with this. The best part is that you don’t even have to be skilled at decorating cookies at all (no tedious icing here) – all you have to do is roll the pin over the dough and voila! Insanely cute and easy to make cookies.

Cat embossed rolling pin - Etsy

I loved this pin in particular because of the expressive eyes on the cats and cute thought bubbles filled with mice and hearts, but if you search “cat rolling pin” in Etsy you’d be surprised how many pop up! Ooh and I just read that you can use this pin on clay too – would be great for making little Christmas ornaments with kids, or little bowls/ring dishes lined with this pattern. So many options. Would you give this embossing rolling pin a try? Do you have any other ideas on how to use it?

Cat embossed rolling pin cookie detail - Etsy

Daily Dose of Dapper: Hunchback

Tux sitting

What are you looking at? Do you find something funny with the way I’m sitting? I just have a long torso, that’s all.

Tux sitting above viewTux belly fluff

Hey, can’t a guy catch a break? Eyes up here and away from the belly fluff. You caught me at an unflattering angle, I swear I don’t need to cut down on the treats.

Tux sitting 2

Ok, now I’m embarrassed, I’m going to go lay down somewhere else and out of the prying eyes of the paw-parazzi!